Panya is a Euro-Japanese style Bakery located in the East Village. Offering everything from delicious freshly baked pastries to tasty udon and tempura from our hot kitchen. We have been serving the community since 1993 and continue to share our love of food and Japanese culture with the people of New York.


As the city of New York introduces itself to new visitors and retailers on a daily basis, it is undeniably ever-changing.  In a place that is constantly moving, there are a few key things that remain constant and grounded for those who dwell here.  The Empire State Building, Central Park, and yellow taxis are all iconic belongings to New York City.  However, it is more than just those big city ideals that make up the perfect New York.  It is places like Panya Bakery that keep the integrity of what once was, grows and improves with current demands, and remains as wholesome as ever.  

Panya planted its roots in the East Village back in 1993.  Picture this: a small, narrow, white-walled walk-in that was so simple it highlighted the freshly baked goods inside the single glass counter.  Charming, and appealing to the locals, Panya was a humble place for Japanese-style cakes, pastries, and a small selection of drinks.  Now, fast forward twenty years and our quaint little Panya on Stuyvesant Street has now expanded to a more permanent and thriving establishment.

Over the years Panya has almost tripled the size of their space, added seating, and a hot kitchen.  With patio seating outside when the weather is warmer, it is a hub for all those around to enjoy great food and not empty their wallets.  Of course, the delicate and flavorful pastries are still being devoured by the locals, but it has grasped the attention of food lovers everywhere for its savory quick bites of udon, donburi, and the Japanese breakfast set.  The fridge now offers tons of different drink selections as well as easy to eat take-out bites and sushi.  The hot kitchen flourishes and the mix between the classically old Panya and the new is enjoyed by many.

Though it is still a humble establishment, Panya guarantees freshness and flavor in all of their products.  It offers a sense of home to those who want to keep in touch with their Japanese roots and a safe feeling of adventure to the students and passerbys who want to try something new.  It has history, culture, and the overwhelming desire to keep going back.  Panya is one of those places that makes New York feel like home.